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    Using BPMN2 processes created with guvnor console

    Mylos Kathos Master

      Hi all,

      I've just installed JBPM5.2 and tested the guvnor console (on JBoss 7) to design new BPMN2.0 processes. Now I'm looking for a way to use this process definition from within a sample Web application (or any kind of deployed application) running on JBoss 7.

      Within the documentation I've found how to refer to a KnowledgeAgent,


      KnowledgeAgent kagent = KnowledgeAgentFactory.newKnowledgeAgent( "MyAgent" );

      kagent.applyChangeSet( ResourceFactory.newUrlResource( url ) );

      KnowledgeBase kbase = kagent.getKnowledgeBase();


      however I couldn't find an example of how to load from the KnowledgeBase a BPMN2 process which is inside a package. Thanks in advance for your help