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    Can't change JSF version back to 1.2

    Karsten Wutzke Expert



      I've just recently upgraded to JBoss Tools 3.3.0.M5. For one of my projects I then got some strange dialog that required some action with the project facets and I pressed OK. After that (I believe) the project facets were updated and a few other things, e.g. WEB-ROOT dir created and bin (build) dir.


      I now have a few JSF 2 warnings which are caused by the fact that JSF 2 retired a few features, e.g. the FaceletViewHandler in faces-config.xml and others. I then realized that my JSF version has somehow switched to 2.0. I suspect it was caused by that dialog that I didn't understand.


      Now when trying to switch back to JSF 1.2, which the project is, I get an error in the project facets dialog saying:


      {quote}Cannot change version of project facet JavaServer Faces to 1.2.{quote}

      I tried a few things, e.g. setting Dynamic Web Module to 2.x, or JPA to 1.0, or Seam 2 to 1.2, and so on, but none of them helped.


      Does anyone know what's going on?




      PS: I have no idea which part of Eclipse is responsible, JBT is just a guess