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    EJB 3.0 + JBoss 5.0 + Eclipse 3.7 + MySqL 5.0 + EJB 3.0 - Deployment Missing Dependencies

    Caglar SENEL Newbie

      Hi Everyone,


      I am just trying to create the structure of a basic EJB application. Altough I developed some projects with ejb and jboss I can be considered as a newbie. The thing is I'm trying to connect mysql with jboss 5.0 and after 2 days of research on the web I could not find a solution for the deployment missind dependencies problem. My session bean is not bound to a name (in the jmx console) after I add an entity bean persistance.xml, mysql-ds.xml and other data related files. Without these data configuration files everything works smoothly. When I add them it all goes to the same error. I am attaching the related files to the post. This is killing me please help !


      MyServlet -> Servlet which calls the session bean to make the insertion to the database.

      Professor -> Entity Bean

      ProfessorUser -> Session Bean

      ProfessorUserRemote -> Remote Session Bean

      I also added the connector to the Jboss-bin directory