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    tabPanel selectedTab causes Cannot create Seam component

    Paul Pantages Novice

      Hello Forum,

      I am using:

      jboss/seam 5.0.1.GA
      richfaces 3.3.1.GA

      I have bee using the selectedTab attribute on rich:tabPanel w/o problem for
      some time.

      <rich:tabPanel selectedTab="#{sserviceEditor.tabName}" switchType="server">
      <rich:tab name="tab1" label="Properties" eventsQueue="ajaxQueue" >

      We recently upgraded to the EAP 5.0.1.GA distribution, and now I see a
      Seam Error:
      "Cannot create Seam component, scope is not active: sserviceEditor(CONVERSATION)"

      When the page is first rendred, there is no error. But after that,
      anytime there is a ajax event on any of the tabs or contents, I see
      the above msg in the log.

      Removing the selectedTab attribute makes the error go away completely.

      Any ideas? I saw another post that stated there was no long running
      conversation but there are many other components on this page that
      refer to sserviceEditor w/o error.

      Thanks, PdP