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    RF4: rich:extendedDataTable x rich:tabPanel

    Edilmar Alves Expert



      Environment: Netbeans7.0.1 + GlassFish 3.1.1 + CDI + JSF2 + RF4.0.0-Final + Chrome10+/Firefox8+.


      I have a JSF page with a rich:tabPanel, 2 rich:tab's and 1 rich:extendedDataTable per rich:tab.

      PROBLEM: If I try to use both extendedDataTable's together, they are not rendered in browser.

      1) If I comment anyone of the tables, other works fine.

      2) If I change from extendedDataTable to normal dataTable, both works fine together.

      3) If I put both extendedDataTable in the first rich:tab, all works fine too!


      The rich:tabPanel is client style, not ajax/server.

      The code to get data for tables work fine.

      The only problem is the rendering of 1 rich:extendedDataTable per rich:tab.