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    How to handle session time out issue?


      Hi All,


      I have a web application deployed in GateIn 3.1.I have set session time out parameter in GateIn-3.1.0-GA\server\default\deploy\gatein.ear\02portal.war\WEB-INF\web.xml, say 5 min






      How can i be redirected to login page on after being session timed out, means when after being idle for 5 min, and then clicking on a portlet, i should be redirected to login page.And also, how can i set a custom messge in login page, saying the customer that 'your session has been timed out, have to relogin'.Any means to achieve these two things....Plzz help...




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          It is depend on how you secure your application. By default, GateIn 3.1 use JAAS (config "protected url patterns" and the login page in web.xml of portal.war) so if a user click on "protected" link after he has logged out, the page should be redirected to login.jsp automatically

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            Thanks for the quick reply.


            What i understood from ur reply is that the session time out is handled by Gatein itself(by its JAAS technology) and it is itself forwarding to login.jsp

            Pls correct me if am wrong.

            If this is the case, is there any way to track that we have been forwarded to login page by the session time out issue?Then , i would be able to set the custom message.Plz help..