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    Error occuring when upgraded to Jboss WS 3.4.1 in JBoss 5.0.1 ?

    Kevin Benjamin Newbie


      So I upgraded the JBoss WS to 3.4.1 in my 5.0.1 container and I am running a client which consumes services from another environment. I now get this error when I try to run the application.


      21:46:30,678 ERROR [[default]] Servlet.service() for servlet default threw exception

      java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.jboss.logging.Logger.debugf(Ljava/lang/String;[Ljava/lang/Object;)V

                at org.jboss.ws.core.jaxws.spi.ServiceDelegateImpl.configureStub(ServiceDelegateImpl.java:438)

                at org.jboss.ws.core.jaxws.spi.ServiceDelegateImpl.createProxy(ServiceDelegateImpl.java:416)

                at org.jboss.ws.core.jaxws.spi.ServiceDelegateImpl.getPortInternal(ServiceDelegateImpl.java:243)

                at org.jboss.ws.core.jaxws.spi.ServiceDelegateImpl.getPort(ServiceDelegateImpl.java:570)

                at javax.xml.ws.Service.getPort(Service.java:99)


      Anyone seen this before ? I guess jboss logging in the 5.0.1 container is not compatible, but there was nothing in the 3.4.1 install instructions and I am curious how anyone could have made this work. Or am I missing some other dependency ?