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    Problems with lazy loading in ExtendedDataTable (RF4)

    Ulf Almehed Newbie

      I have a rich:ExtendedDataTable that does lazy loading of data with a datamodel that gets its data dynamicly from a backing bean. In some cases the number of rows in the data model  isn't known when the datatable is first rendered. As the ExtendedDataTable doesn't update the rowcount in the client at ajax scroll updates, this doesn't work in Richfaces4.


      Is it possible to change this so the rowcount is updated in scroll- responses the same way as they are in other ajax responses (add '", rowcount = " + getRowCount(component) ' to the rich:onajaxcomplete part in the response). Or make this an option for the ExtendedDataTable?


      This worked for ScrollableDataTable in RF 3.3.3