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Cannot validate sts token with sign/encrypt

dlaprade Newbie



I am hoping someone can help me quickly solve my issue. It seems that I can verify an STS token using a handler defined in my configuration:


        <bean class="org.picketlink.identity.federation.core.wstrust.handlers.STSSaml20Handler"/>


If I comment out that handler then try my sign/encryption seems to work as well:


            <bean class="org.apache.cxf.binding.soap.saaj.SAAJOutInterceptor"/>
            <ref bean="SignResponse"/>

            <bean class="org.apache.cxf.binding.soap.saaj.SAAJInInterceptor"/>
            <ref bean="SignRequest"/>




<bean id="SignRequest" class="org.apache.cxf.ws.security.wss4j.WSS4JInInterceptor">
<bean id="SignResponse" class="org.apache.cxf.ws.security.wss4j.WSS4JInInterceptor">


The problem exists when I have both turned on:


Caused by: org.apache.cxf.binding.soap.SoapFault: PL00092: Null Value:No security token could be found in the SOAP Header


Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? All help is appreciated.