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    Multiple Message Brokers

    Michael Tarullo Newbie

      Is it possible for JBoss to use multiple message brokers?  For instance, can JBoss use HornetQ as it is configured "out-of-the-box" and an external message broker, say ActiveMQ?  Or must ActiveMQ be embedded in JBoss?


      We are experimenting with various configurations.  One configuration has HornetQ replaced by ActiveMQ in JBoss.  Another configuration has retained HornetQ as the embedded JBoss message broker with ActiveMQ running in its own instance.


      In both of the above configurations we deploy a SOAP\JMS web service and configure for the use of ActiveMQ in both.  We are having some problems with the configuration where ActiveMQ is external to JBoss.  We are not sure how to configure JBoss for multiple message brokers.  Is there a config file that we would use to do this?


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, even if it advises us not to use the multiple message broker configuration.