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    Toolbar is not displayed correctly in Chrome

    prinzm Newbie



      I am using JSF 2.0, RF 4.1 Final, JBoss AS 7.1 CR1 and Chrome 16.


      When I want to build a Richfaces Toolbar with several Toolbargroups inside (using location left and right), then it is not displayed correctly in Chrome. It seems that the location attribute is ignored and no element is aligned.


      I built a small example:


      <rich:toolbar height="28" itemSeparator="grid" width="100%">

                          <rich:toolbarGroup >

          <h:outputText value="TEST1" />


                          <rich:toolbarGroup >

          <h:outputText value="TEST2" />


                          <rich:toolbarGroup location="right">

          <h:outputText value="TEST_RIGHT" />




      In Chrome it looks like this:



      In Firefox 9 it's correct:



      Is this a known issue?