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    EAR Packaging

    Andreas Karalus Newbie



      we have quite a big application trying to migrate to JBossAS7.


      Our current packaging looks like this:














      In component-api.jar we have the EJB LocalInterfaces and the @Entity Models. I know that per spec, these are not EJB components and should go to app.ear/lib.


      However, this structure does not deploy in the latest JBossAS7 (7.1.0CR1), but it worked with previous versions. Moving component-api.jar to lib/component-api.jar does the job.


      Is it possible to have above EAR structure being deployed in AS7? It would be nice to have clear separation between "application" components and "thirdparty" components (like log4j, commons-*). Actually, we have like 30 "component-api|impl" artefacts.