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    change style to panelManu elements

    Flavio Palumbo Newbie

      Hi all,

      I tried to change some style element on a panelMenu, overriding the base style elements ; particularly :


      - when the mouse hovers over the header of a panel menu group - > .rf-pm-gr-hdr:hover

      - when the mouse hovers panel menu item -> .rf-pm-itm:hover

      - padding for a panel menu item -> .rf-pm-itm


      I inserted in my style sheet these elements :


      .rf-pm-itm:hover {

          background-color: yellow;

          color: black;


      .rf-pm-gr-hdr:hover {

          color: red;

          background: black;


      .rf-pm-itm {

          padding-left: 0px;



      It seems that noone of the above has any effect.

      I run with rf 4.0.


      Any hint would be appreciated