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    No injection in AsyncListener in AS 7.1

    arjan tijms Novice

      Using JBoss AS 7.1CRb I have defined the following Servlet AsyncListener:


      public class AsyncServletListener implements AsyncListener {
          private AsyncBean asyncBean; 
          public void onStartAsync(AsyncEvent event) throws IOException {
          public void onComplete(AsyncEvent event) throws IOException {
          public void onError(AsyncEvent event) throws IOException {
          public void onTimeout(AsyncEvent event) throws IOException {


      I registered this listener on an AsyncContext as follows:


      AsyncContext asyncContext = request.startAsync();


      The listener is called correctly, but there's no injection happening. Everything is inside a single war and the mandatory empty beans.xml has been created. JBoss AS is indeed starting up CDI ("Starting weld service" appears in the logs).


      If I run the same code in GlassFish, injection does happen.