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    HornetQ and JBoss 7

    cirix Newbie

      Dear all ,


      after enabling trace to my log subsystem to invastigate a problem related to datasources, i couldn't fail to noticy the following:


      jboss as 7 uses as jms provider hornetq.

      the appropriate module exists.

      the appropriate native libs required for the hornetq to utilise journaling filesystems is there.

      I would expect that also the setup of initial parameters when jboss starts up will set the java.library.path to point also to the .so libs required for

      the hornetq to be optimised in journaling filesystems.If you don't want to use the java.library.path then a setup in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the

      .sh script that bootstraps the appserver could exist.Also what i don't like is that the fact that the hornetq won't be functioning in optimal way is

      not communicated clearly because the exceptions arising are swallowed.