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    Bypass the jbpm console login and open the jbpm console home page from external webapplication

    Rajesh Kumar Tunuguntla Newbie
      Hi Mauricio
      I was always wanting to acheive this. But i have some different approach.
      To acheive the above requirement, isn't it a good option to bypass the console login and open the console home page from external webapplication.
      We need to find a way to bypass the console login. Can you help on to give some examples/APIs to acheive this?
      In this case, do we have option to change the look&feel of the console UI so that it can have the same appeal as our webapplication?
      In my opinion if we acheive this, then this would be way simpler than trying to open the .ftl files.
      Please provide your feedback as which one of it would be a good approach.

      Thanks & Regards