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    Suspending WebMethod invocation

    avithan Newbie

      Hello folks,


      Since Servlet3.0 it is possible to suspend servlet requests with AsyncContext. The doXX Methods wont close the response and will be called again when an timeout occurs or the request is resumed by another thread. This empowers the servlet container to wait for resources without blocking a request listener thread.


      I'd like to use this suspending mechanism in WebService Methods (while it is processed at the serverside). The WebService request should be paused until some kind of event occurs (maybe from JMS or CDI event bus). In JBosss AS 6.1.0.Final (which I have to use) CXF seem to be the central JAX-WS and WS-* implementation. I found something called CXF Continuations - but it does not seem to work well with RestEasy and JBossWeb below (see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8668754/nonblocking-webservice-endpoint-with-jboss6-and-cxf-continuation-api).


      Does anyone could give me a hint how to get serverside request suspense within a @WebMethod? I am stuck at this issue for almost a week now.


      Kind regards,