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    Using multiple authentication domains with PicketLink

    Oved Ourfali Newbie


      I'm pretty new to PicketLink.


      I read the documentation on using SSO with PicketLink, also using Jboss AS7.


      Let's assume I have the following environment, having users in the following locations:

      1. Users logging in from Domain1 - LDAP

      2. Users logging in from Domain2 - LDAP

      3. Local users (in files - users.properties and roles.properties)


      Now, I understand how to configure those in Jboss configuration (standalone.xml file in AS7). Each one of the above will be a different security domain.


      How can this be configured in the IDP and SP?


      Can the IDP and SP support more than one security domain?


      I read:





      Thank you,