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    JAAS redirect and Richfaces not loading CSS

    Raphael Duarte Paiva Newbie

      Hello all!

      I have an application that uses JAAS for container logon. The login scheme is simple: every time a user tries to access a private resource it is redirected to the <form-login-page>/login.xhtml</form-login-page> defined in web.xml file.

      The problem is that richfaces components are built (their related html code is written in the page's final code), but the richfaces-generated CSS file is not linked to the page. There is not even a GET request for the css file.

      This only happens when the page is accessed via JAAS redirecting. By accessing the page directly it renders just fine.

      I've spent two days searching the web for someone with the same issue and trying to understand whats happening. I had no success, so I decided to post in this forum.

      Is there anyone with a similar problem? Could this be a bug and should I open a JIRA for this?

      Any requests for code/configurations is welcome.


      P.S.: Please forgive me for any spelling/grammar errors, as English is not my native language.