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    JBoss AS 7.1CR1 and infinspan queries - how to..…

    Anders Jespersen Newbie

      I have working JavaSE-code for querying an indexed local-cache ("Embedded") with hibernate-search/lucene-query as described here:



      When I try to move this into JBoss 7.1 I run into some issues about module-setup and deployment.


      I need to add org.infinispan.query and set a cache to indexed="LOCAL". With start="EAGER" it fails immediately (~ "transactional cache, but no transaction manager". (this didn't happen in 7.1.0beta)


      I define new modules "org.infinispan.query" and "org.hibernate.search". For now I just included all the dependencies (according to maven) in these two modules.


      org.infinispan.query depends on org.hibernate.search


      my ear-deployment depends on both (in a jboss-deployment-structure.xml-file).


      I modify org/jboss/as/clustering/infinispan to include "org.infinispan.query"


      When I deploy, I get "WARN  [org.infinispan.util.ModuleProperties] (MSC service thread 1-4) ISPN000119: Module query loaded, but could not be initialized: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.infinispan.query.impl.LifecycleManager"


      Is my general approach sound? Have I missed relevant documentation (I read alot of pages and google hits :-) )


      I can't include my complete project source-code - but I guess I can produce a smaller, complete sample, if needed..