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    Christian Kölle Newbie

      I work a lot with conditional rendering, i.e

      <h:ouputText rendered="#{!condition}" .../>
      <h:inputText rendered="#{condition} .../>

      I.e. depending on the condition either this or that is intended to be rendered.

      I noticed that data input in <h:inputText is not written back into the backing bean properly, if I use <a4j:support> on a widget, which inverts the condition, although ajaxSingle=false.

       reRender="formId ..." />

      If I use the following construct, the input data is submitted properly.

      styleClass="#{(condition) ? ' ' : 'invisible'}">

      Now my question: Is the later workaround the proper practice if I want to show either this or that component?

      Regards and thanks in advance.