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    Install JBoss SOA-P and JBoss ON together on the same server

    Olivier M Newbie



      I want to install JBoss SOA platform (soa-p-5.2.0.GA) and JBoss Operation Network (jon-server-3.0.0.GA) on the same server (RedHat))


      But each script rhq-server.sh (jboss ON) and run.sh (jboss) use the the same JBOSS_HOME environment variable.


      run.sh from Jboss as (soa)


      # Setup JBOSS_HOME

      if [ "x$JBOSS_HOME" = "x" ]; then

          # get the full path (without any relative bits)

          JBOSS_HOME=`cd $DIRNAME/..; pwd`


      export JBOSS_HOME


      rhq-server.sh from JBoss ON

      # ----------------------------------------------------------------------

      # Make sure we unset any lingering JBossAS environment variables that

      # were set in the user's environment.  This might happen if the user

      # has an external JBossAS configured.

      # ----------------------------------------------------------------------

      unset JBOSS_HOME

      #and then the script calls the run.sh from the jboss embedded




      Could you confirm that I can install and start these two products on the same server ?

      Or should I modify these scripts ?