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    RichFaces dynamic tabs

    Effy Sh Newbie


      I'm using rich:tabPanel in my web app.
      The content is loaded well but my problem is that when I add dynamically a new tab, all the tabs are being rendered again.


      I would like to know if there is a way to render only the headers without the content as nothing has changed in the content.

      Once a link is clicked to open a new tab, I want to load the new tab with its content but not all the others which were loaded already.


      If I go with the current imp of RichFaces, I face a very bad situation:

      All the tabs are being rendered again and for my bean is in a request scope, all the content is messed up.

      I open the same content in all the tabs but I expect it to handle the different instances of my bean.


      So, if I find the way to render only the new tab (plus the headers) it will be ok.


      Is there such a way?





      Thanks, Effy