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      Hi there,


      first of alI,  I am a newcomer to switchyard and camel so please bear with me


      I am starting a new project here at work which will be based on messaging(JMS) together with some native C clients (STOMP). I really like the Camel project and its implementation of the EIP patterns. For sure will save me with a lot of work down the road... implementing recipient list, aggregator etc etc.


      I am trying to find how to deploy camel routes inside a jboss 7. As I understand from the camel documention your routes need to be packaged in a War together with spring (which I want to avoid) if you intend to use it on an app server (define a listener that bootstraps camel but depends on spring). Because switchyard uses camel internally together with a @Route annotation and because it comes with support of jboss 7 I thought it can be used to define my routes


      Byt trying an example with


          public void configure() {


              .log("Received message from queue/svc_rrd : ${body}");



      failed with exception


      Endpoint URI on route jms:svc_rrd does not match expected URI : switchyard://MyCamelService?namespace=urn%3Aswitchyard%3Aapplication%3AswitchyardDemo


      So I want to ask the developers if I am doing something wrong....


      My other option is to use camelpe that utilizes CDI to bootstrap camel and also support route definitions through annotations.


      Thanks for your time