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    Increased logging on startup for AS7?

    dah dah Newbie

      Is there anyway to make the logs more verbose on startup for AS7?  I'm running into an issue where my app boots up correctly but I can't access it.


      When I hit the app page it says "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost."  but I don't get any error in the log.  When I go to the admin console on locahost:8080, the app is green. I'm using an exploded war and based on the issue tracker for AS7 there used to be an issue with that but it seems like it is marked as resolved now.  Update: exploded war is not the issue, I tried attaching a war using the admin console and am getting the same error.


      I've attached my complete startup log, the error message I get in the browser when accessing localhost:8080/plu/, and a screenshot of the admin console showing the app as green.  I'm using eclispe Indigo to startup the jboss7 server.  Perhaps eclispe indigo doesn't log errors after bootup?  Update: Getting same lack of error in the logs when I run standalone.bat from C:\jboss7\bin.


      It would make sense that if there is an error on bootup, the application marker should mark it as app.failed instead of app.deployed in C:\jboss7\standalone\deployments.  Somehow that doesn't happen for my app in this case.