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    Calendar: an event only fires when icon-button is used

    Tom Giberius Newbie

      I use a calendar:


      <rich: calendar


                     enableManualInput = true





      1. If I use the icon-button to enter a date the listener fires.
      2. If I enter manually data into the field ( e.g.  adeerae or 14-01-2011 ) then the listner does not fire. Also other events does not fire when data is manually entered. The problem is that the actions of my listener are not executed, even if a valid date is entered manual.


      Now I build a screen which allows query mode. In query mode a user can enter some thing like  > 50 and I build a query from it. This does not work for the calender while the data is some how not capatured if entered manually ( e.g. > 14-01-2011 ). (Note: in query mode all the fields are of type String to allow this kind of input and with a custom converter I also took care of type String and type date in different modes.)



      I think this component has been designed not to fire events or capture date when user does manual input, only when the button is used. Very late in the process a valid manual entered date some seems to be handled and invalid manual entered date seems to be ignored. Anyway the available events on the calendar component do not fire when data is entered manually.



      1. Is there a possibility to configure the calendar component to fire events when user does manual input in the field?
      2. I think that the component is more usefull when events/data capature are also executed when the user enters manually data. Can I raise an enhancement request?