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    Rich:dataScroller not working correctly on redirect

    Pablo Ochoa Newbie

      Hi, this is what's happening currently with my components. I have a datascroller inside the header of a rich:dataTable.  Now I need to keep the current page of the scroller... that's because the user can navigate through a detail window, and then he can go back to the table, when he goes back, the table needs to be in the page it was before going to the detail window.

      For this I'm keeping an int value with the page value of the scroller, and then assigning it to the page=#{myBean.currentPage} attribute. It works fine... however when the user redirects to the datatable window. The scroller stops working, not even a render of the whole table fixes it. I'm getting this:




      Why is this happening???. The code I use to redirect is as follows:





      How can I fix this?? Thanks a lot.


      EDIT: This only happens when binding the datascroller with an object in the managed beans.