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    Mail Driven MDB  AS 7 or 6

    Jeffrey Simpson Newbie

      I want to create a Message Driven Bean that listens for EMail.  I have found one or 2 examples for EJB2 but I want to use EJB3.  I understand that I need to use the mail-ra.rar resource adaptor.  Can someone answer me the following questions:


      1. The mail-ra.rar file is not included with the AS7 install but is included in the AS 6 installation.  Can you use the mail-ra.rar file from the AS 6 install?  IF you can how do you use it?
      2. The few examples I see create a class that extends MailListener.  The only place that I can find this class file is in the jar that is in the mail-ra.rar.  Should I just expode the rar file and add the jar to my application?
      3. I am trying to listen to a mailbox on an email server and process each message as they come in.  Should I be doing this in a completly different way?


      Thanks for any help