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    Error installing to Start: name=WebServer

    Mitchell Lewars Newbie

      Help.  I am trying to start my JBoss AS 5 server, just working the first member of a cluster.


      My server.log goes badly first here:



      2012-01-05 20:49:14,282 ERROR [org.jboss.kernel.plugins.dependency.AbstractKernelController] (main) Error installing to Start: name=WebServer state=Create

      org.jboss.xb.binding.JBossXBException: Failed to parse source: Premature end of file. @ *unknown*[-1,-1]

              at org.jboss.xb.binding.parser.sax.SaxJBossXBParser.parse(SaxJBossXBParser.java:203)

              at org.jboss.xb.binding.parser.sax.SaxJBossXBParser.parse(SaxJBossXBParser.java:183)




      20:48:14,746 INFO  [ServerImpl] Starting JBoss (Microcontainer)...

      20:48:14,747 INFO  [ServerImpl] Release ID: JBoss [The Oracle] 5.1.0.GA (build: SVNTag=JBoss_5_1_0_GA date=200905221634)



      20:48:19,365 INFO  [ServerInfo] Java version: 1.6.0_21,Sun Microsystems Inc.

      20:48:19,365 INFO  [ServerInfo] Java Runtime: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_21-b06)

      20:48:19,365 INFO  [ServerInfo] Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM 17.0-b16,Sun Microsystems Inc.

      20:48:19,365 INFO  [ServerInfo] OS-System: Linux 2.6.18-194.32.1.el5PAE,i386