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    Cross Dependent EJB Applications Deployment

    Hasan Ceylan Newbie



      I have a case where we have a set of EJBs packaged in a number of different EAR deployments for the sake of modularitiy and scalability.


      The EJBs from each EAR, has dependency to other EJBs contained in other EARs and back.


      When I try to inject EJBs from external context into an EJB with @EJB(lookup="...") annotation, during the deployment, deployer complains about the referenced EJBs not being available.




      - Is this expected behaviour? Beacuse in my case the dependent EJBs may come up in time and I would kind of hope the deployer to report the resources (other EJBs) as unavailable, yet continue with the deployment.


      - Is there a way to tell to perform the deployment a-la late binding?


      My immediate workaround to that problem was to lookup EJBs in a @PostConstruct method. Is this the best practice?



      Hasan Ceylan