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    Query on custom fields in (Extended) RevisionEntity.

    Amar Singh Newbie

      Is there a way to express a query on properties of extended revision entity ?

      public class ExtendedRevisionEntity {
       protected Integer versionNumber;
       protected long timestamp;
       /* custom fields */
       protected int sequenceNumber;
       protected Date receiptDate;
       public ExtendedRevisionEntity(){}
      public class Message {
       protected Integer messageNumber;
       protected String status;
       protected String text;
       public Message(){}

      How can following query be expressed ?

      Get all Message in which Staus is "received" and Version's receiptDate is greater than XXX and less than YYY ?

      Basically, enhance query not only for the versioned object but also for the custom fields defined in revision entity ?

      ENVERS: 1.1.ga
      Hibernate: 3.2.6.ga