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    do not update backing bean if add rendered statement

    chung siu man Newbie


      I have coding below, which user input text and "onchange event" will update to backing bean. It work fine.

      But if I add the "rendered" statement, then if program from start,
      the rendered statement return false, coding below do not update value of scrollPage to Backing bean glXX, even at that time the rendered statement return true!

      All I want is, from program start, rendered statement return false, which make the input field invisible.
      After some business logic, the input field appear and if user input text, the value will be update to backing bean as usual.

      So, can anyone help me?


      <h:inputText id="goToPageScroller" value="#{glXX.scrollPage}"
      rendered="#{pages>1 ? true : false}"
      <a:support event="onchange" reRender="goToPageScroller" />