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    collect code coverage by using jacoco-extension

    Amos Feng Apprentice

      I managed to run coverage on jbossxts by using jacoco-extension. Our test cases need to run in the container, and now jacoco could only collecte the data of these test cases but not XTS codes.


      e.g. test case running in the container


      public class NestedTransaction
          public void testNestedTransaction()
                  throws Exception {
               UserTransaction ut = UserTransaction.getUserTransaction();
               try {
                   ut.begin();             ut.begin();
                   fail("expected WrongStateException");
               } catch(...) {


      deploy and test via arquillian


      public class NestedTransactionTest {
          NestedTransaction test;
          public static WebArchive createDeployment() {
              return WarDeployment.getDeployment(NestedTransaction.class);
          public void test() throws Exception {

      so my question is it possible to control the jars instrumented with jacoco ? or we need a new feather about jacoco-extension ?