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    Jboss5.1.0 clustering  questions

    ylq2250 kun Newbie

      I have two computers( let's name them pcA and pcB ) which both have the windowsXP operation System,the pcA's IP address is and the pcB's IP address is


      I install three Jboss AS (I name them report1,batch1 and iqc1) on pcB and two Jboss AS  (named batch1, iqc2) on pcA.

      I install the Apache on pcB and have config it and mok_jk like this:





      I enter the three jboss AS on pcB and execute the follow command for each other:

      run.bat -c all -b

      I enter the  iqc2  on pcB and execute the follow command :

      run.bat -c all -b



      all of the Jboss AS start and  cluster successfully ,because i can see the message  like 'Number of members: 4' in my logfile. then i login my test Applicatin which has the login validate and click the url that contain the 'batch' characters  ,i can get the sessionId append with the 'batch1' from the session .I also access other urls and can get the sessionId append with either the 'iqc1'  or 'iqc2'.



      then I stop the batch1 AS on pcB and start the report1 AS(which has the same ports adress configration  with batch1 on pcB) on pcA. and modifying the workers.properties file  let the batch1 node point to the and restart the Apache.

      this time i login in my test Applicatin  and click the url that have the 'batch' characters ,i can't get the login userId but the information that i haven't had login.  but i  access other urls and can also get the sessionId append with either the 'iqc1'  or 'iqc2'.



      I don't understand why  the batch1 AS with the same configration on different computer(pcA and pcB) has the session replication differently?



      I  just start all the Jboss AS with the all configuration and appoint the -b address. is this enough for the cluster and the session replication? is there anthing else i need to config?



      you can see  that the iqc1 and the iqc2 AS are in the same loadbalancer named iqc_lb ,and the batch1 itself has another  loadbalancer named batch_lb,is this indicate that only Jboss AS that config in the same loadbalancer  have the session replication ? if as i supposed, how to explain the scene1's situation.