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    custom component development

    sv kap Newbie



      I am trying to implement rating component (using JQuery rating plugin - http://www.fyneworks.com/jquery/star-rating/ ).

      I first started with declaring the component as xhtml (you can see it in WebContent/resources/playerfinder/rating.xhtml). However, because of the c:forEach tag I decided that it would be better to implement it using Java classes.


      I have 3 problems:


      1.# {ratingTestBean.rate} is not evaluated (it was ok with the xhtml declaration approach)

      2. All radio inputs have onclick="alert('Input clicked!');" but it is not called.

      3. I struggle with adding ajax behaviour. Although I read a ton of jsf custom component matherials I still cannot figure out how to implement an ajax event and send the data back to the bean..


      I'd be happy to commit the component to RichFaces when it is ready.