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    Hibernate search + Infinispan Cluster + FileCacheStore/CloudCacheStore too many files

    RASELINARY Johan Newbie



      We have the configuration below :

      • Spring MVC + transaction local container managed (Spring 3.1)
      • JPA/Hibernate (Hibernate 3.6.9)
      • Hibernate Search (3.4.1)
      • Infinispan as Directory Provider (4.2.1.FINAL)


      Everything works nice, but we need to add a CacheStore (FileCacheStore or CloudCacheStore)  to enable any form of permanent persistence for the index.


      The problem is FileCacheStore / CloudCacheStore create/delete too many files in LuceneIndexesMetadata and LuceneIndexesData.



      A simple index update create many new files :

      • With CloudCacheStore / AWS s3, it takes more than 5s to perform a simple update (AWS s3 bucket file creation process)
      • With FileCacheStore, it will throw indeniably a "too many open files" with a large index



      So, is there another/best way to use a cloud cache store with Infinispan?


      Upgrade to Hibernate search 4 and Infinispan 5?


      Maybe our configuration is incorrect.


      You'll find attached spring configs, persistence.xml and infinispan-ec2-config.xml


      Best regards