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    Logging in using UsernamePasswordHandler with no password option

    Satish Kinikiri Newbie



      I am trying to introduce single-sign-on (SSO) for our application.

      Currently our application has a custom login module. I want to retain it the same authenication process when user is logging in directly with username/password (through non-SSO).


      And want to add authenication system to when the user tried to login into my app using application through some API.

      (Through SSO user name is availalble but not password I will make use of the username to create roles)

      Current authenication process :


      LoginClient loginClient = new LoginClient(loginName, loginPassword, true /* server login */);

      AppIQUserData user = loginClient.login();




      and Login client is


      public LoginClient(String username, String password, boolean serverLogin)

              throws LoginException


              this(new UsernamePasswordHandler(username, password), serverLogin);



      public LoginClient (CallbackHandler handler, boolean serverLogin) throws LoginException


              this(handler, serverLogin ? SecurityConstants.SECURITY_DOMAIN : SecurityConstants.CLIENT_DOMAIN, serverLogin);




          public LoginClient (CallbackHandler handler, String securityDomain, boolean serverLogin) throws LoginException


              log.trace2("login security domain: " + securityDomain);

              this.serverLogin = serverLogin;

              context = new LoginContext(securityDomain, handler);




           * Perform a login to the AppIQ system.

           * @return The AppIQUserData that has been authenticated

           * @throws LoginException if the login fails


          public synchronized AppIQUserData login() throws LoginException


              log.trace2("login - " + (serverLogin ? "SERVER" : "CLIENT"));





              if (!serverLogin)

                  return null;


              Subject subject = context.getSubject();

              if (subject == null)

                  throw new LoginException(LocalizationUtilities.localize("Exceptions", "LoginFailedNoSubject"));

              log.trace2("login SERVER returns subject: " + subject.toString());



              AppIQUserData user = SecurityMethods.getCallerPrincipal(subject);

              if (user == null)

                  throw new LoginException(LocalizationUtilities.localize("Exceptions", "UnableToExtractAppIQUserData"));



              /* Stash the context in a cache so that we can re-authenticate when we

                           * need to in order to force updates to login credentials when

                           * necessary.





              return user;





      Any idea how we can have the option of avoiding authenication when we are using UsernamePasswordHandler.