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    Component Console integration. (BPEL console)

    Jeff Yu Master

      I've downloaded the SwitchYard-0.3 version, and looked like the switchyard-console was not provided out of box, at least I couldn't find it under the deployment folder, which I believe it was there in 0.2 version. Does it mean from this release, this will be provided as a separate download? Or I am missing it somewhere.


      I've checked at the http://localhost:8080/switchyard, it gave me 404 as well. In addition, I have checked the console's repo at github, found it has couple modules, I am a bit unsure what the plan is here? Will we put all of component consoles into a big switchyard console or something?


      Take BPEL component for example, which I am working on right now, it has two components, one is: gwt-console-server that exposes the Process Engine/Managment services as restful services, and bpel-console, which is the gwt UI that talks to gwt-console-server via restful service. With the current infrastructure, it will have two wars in deployment folder. (I believe the jBPM5 will use the similar approach, as we shared the bpm-console project). So the question is that does this approach work with our current switchyard console plan? I knew Keith once said we need to consolidate our component consoles, which I totally agree. jBPM people are working on embedding the bpm-console into Guvnor now, once this finished, it means both jBPM and RiftSaw (BPEL) console can be packaged and embedded as a component, and possibly that SwitchYard need to offer some extension points that component consoles can be plugged into.


      Sorry if I am missing this sort of discussion or doc somewhere, but just wanted to get an idea on where it goes.