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    <rich:pickList>  saved selected value not populate on page load

    swastik padhy Newbie



                    I am using richface 4.1. In the <rich:pickList> , I selected few values and saved that in the database. On page load  these saved value are not comming in the selected list.


      In the .XHTML file

      <rich:pickList value="#{master.selListName}"  sourceCaption="Available Name" targetCaption="Selected Name" 
                                                                listWidth="165px" listHeight="100px" orderable="false"  >
                      <f:selectItems value="#{master.matList}" />


      in the Bean



      public class MasterBean {
      private List<SelectItem> matList;
      private List<SelectItem> selListName;
      public void init(){
       //loading the saved values of selListName from the db
      +getter & setter