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    Re Render query for a4j button

    tanmoy c Newbie

      I am using a generalized popup which is being used in different xhtmls eg page1, page2 , page3, page4 , each page have a table with id1, id2, id3, id4 respectively.

      the a4j OK button in the popup xhtml rerenders the tables in the xhtmls from which it is called.

      reRender="id1, id2, id3, id4"

      The idea is to re render table 1 in page 1 only if the popup is opened from page 1 and not others when we click the OK button.

      please let me know if i open the popup from page 1, and on click of OK button in the popup xhtml , will the table in page 1 having id= id1 gets re rendered only or jsf will try to re render the tables in the other pages also whose ids are mentioned in the ok button reRender field.

      Is it a performance issue to mention ids of tables which are not supposed to be reRendered in the reRender field of a generic popup ok button.

      Will it be better to pass the reRender field id programatically to the specific page's table id.