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    How to start a new page in test...

    hantsy bai Master

      JsfUnit provided a @IntialPage with @Test on test case to initialize a new page...

      How to start a new page in programming way.


      For example,



      public void testLoginPage(){
        //I want to start new page "/another.faces"



      How to do this, I can not find such as API in JSFClientSession and JSFServerSession.

      Any help here? Thanks.


      PS:I am using Arquillian 1.0CR6 and JSFUnit 2.0.0Beta2.

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          Thibaud VIBES Newbie



          you could try this,






          public void testLoginPage() throws Exception{


            //start new page "/another.faces"

            JSFSession session = new JSFSession("/another.faces");

            JSFClientSession client = session.getJSFClientSession();

            JSFServerSession server = session.getJSFServerSession();


            //Assertion here






          (JSFUnit 1.3 style but still works in JSFUnit 2 :-) )

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            Tim Evers Master

            Pretend you are the user of the system. How would the user get to that page. I doubt you make them type the url into the browser.


            The above solution may work but, your tests could just as easily be written to click the appropriate menu item/link/etc in your app to navigate to that page.