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    How to create a link or button which calls an action and doesn't preserve cid?

    Anthony O. Newbie

      Here is a simple usecase which I don't manage to realise : I want to create a link or button which calls a server method (action) and will redirect to a page without preserving the {noformat}cid{noformat} parameter.



      I'm using JSF2, JBoss 7 and Seam 3.



      Here are two methods I tried without success.



      *First one, the {noformat}h:commandLink{noformat}*



      {code:xml}<h:commandLink action="pages/home.xhtml"


        value="#{bundles.layout.logout}" />



      Here, {noformat}identity.logout(){noformat} is called, but then, the browser is redirected to {noformat}pages/home.xhtml?cid=1{noformat}, so if I login again, I will have an


      {noformat}org.jboss.weld.context.ContextNotActiveException: WELD-001303 No active contexts for scope type javax.enterprise.context.ConversationScoped{noformat}






      *Second one, the {noformat}h:link{noformat}*



      {code:xml}<h:link outcome="/pages/home.xhtml" value="#{bundles.layout.logout}">

        <f:ajax event="click" listener="#{identity.logout()}" />




      Here, I don't have any {noformat}cid{noformat} in the generated hyperlink, but the method {noformat}identity.logout(){noformat} is not called...



      Does someone have an idea ?


      (I've posted that question on [stackoverflow|http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8807294/how-to-create-a-link-or-button-which-calls-an-action-and-doesnt-preserve-cid], but perhaps this is a better place to get some help?)