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    JBoss 7.1.CR1 LDAP Security Realm

    gboro54 Novice

      Hi everyone,


        I am trying to configure the admin console so authenticate against ldap in JBoss 7.1.CR1. I have set security realm up as follows:





                  <security-realm name="ManagementRealm">


                          <properties path="mgmt-users.properties" relative-to="jboss.server.config.dir"/>



                                    <security-realm name="LDAPRealm">


                                                        <ldap connection="ldap_connection" recursive="true" base-dn="dc=x,dc=n">

                                                                  <advanced-filter filter="cn=test users,ou=test Groups"/>






               <ldap name="ldap_connection" url="ldaps://connection.ldap.com" search-dn="USER" search-credential="test1"/>



                  <native-interface security-realm="ManagementRealm">

                      <socket-binding native="management-native"/>


                  <http-interface security-realm="LDAPRealm">

                      <socket-binding http="management-http"/>






      With this setup I get the following error :


      09:29:54,579 ERROR [org.jboss.as.controller.management-operation] Operation ("add") failed - address: ([

          ("core-service" => "management"),

          ("security-realm" => "LDAPRealm"),

          ("authentication" => "ldap")

      ]) - failure description: "JBAS014746: username-attribute may not be null"




      What am I missing in this setup? I have tried adding the username elemnt to no avail. Any thoughts?