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    JBoss AS 5.1 Cluster Deploy Questions

    welsh Newbie



      I've been reading through documentation about the deploys that are available for deploying to the JBoss cluster, and I've only found the two deploy options:


      • Farm Deploy
      • HASingleton Deploy


      And from what I understand of the HASingleton Deploy method, is that its only running the service on one Node (Master) while the rest of the nodes are in stand by mode incase the master goes down and they are now elected. This isn't perticuarly useful to me.


      This leads me onto Farm Deploy, which will sync up the farm directory amongst all cluster members which is useful, however I have a couple questions that I need clarifying if possible.


      1. With this method, is the Farm Deploy method sequentually or concurrently amonst all the nodes. Such that once one node is updated, does it update node 2, 3 and 4 at the same time or does it do node 2 and once thats done, do node 3, and once thats complete do node 4. If it is concurrently by default, is there a way to make it sequentually?

      2. When the sync is occuring amongst the nodes, does the application go offline during this process or does it only go offline once the sync has finished and the restart is necessary?

      3. Are these the only two methods of deploying to a clustered JBoss environment?


      Any help with all of these would be great.