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    Button styling (skin) in IE 7

    B Bozhanov Newbie


      I've spent two hours comparing and trying to identify the reason why my buttons appear grey (without gradient) in IE7, and in the demo application they appear OK.
      I modified my stylesheets manually (adding input at places where buttons are referenced), and it starts appearing as it should, but this is not to place to do this.

      Is there a "trick" as of why the buttons look OK in the demo app ? Or this should work by default, and my case is strange.

      At some point I isolated the button only, and the css file (the basic extended, I think), which takes care of the skinning.

      Before you suggest switching CONTROL_SKINNING On - it is on. and the button IS styled, however without gradients.

      I'm using the Laguna skin.

      Thanks in advance.