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    appliance directory

    kaos monk Newbie



      I've just installed boxgrinder on CentOS 6.2 and I'm about to build my first CentOS 6.2 EC2 AMI. But I seem not to be able to locate /root/.boxgrinder/ directory. Do I have to create it manually, or need to execute something in order to get it there?



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          msavy Novice

          You need to create the directory and config file manually. 


          btw, we don't support *building* on CentOS/RHEL, I would highly advise you use a Fedora 15 or Fedora 16 image to do the building. You can still create an appliance of any target OS you desire.


          i.e. You should use a Fedora 15/16 machine (or EC2 instance like BoxGrinder Meta) to build a CentOS 6 appliance, or Scientific Linux, or RHEL, or Fedora ...

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            kaos monk Newbie

            Ok, got it.


            Are there any plans for the future to include Debian for example, as a distro one can choose to build?