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    Issue with xa recovery in live/backup

    srinivaas venkat Novice


      I have an issue with xa recovery in live-backup model. Using hornetq 2.2.5-Final and Jboss 5.1.0 GA, Windows XP. I have a live and backup pair of jms servers and an MDB from a remote node to consume messages (within a JTA transaction that updates a mysql DB).


      Sent 100 messages to live and while MDB was processing those messages from live, killed live and backup got started and MDB processed the remaining messages from backup node as expected.

      I could see all the 100 rows (inserted / updated within in a trasaction) in the mysql Db as expected. The issue is that inspite of all the messages getting processed and the DB rows are as expected, still see the delivering count as 2 or 3 sometimes in jmx console in the backup node after failover.


      I have attached the logs from the mdb node. Dont find any issue related to this in the jms live or backup node logs. Would like to know even thouugh the DB records are fine why is the delivering count > 0? How can I fix the same?


      I have configured xa recovery params in both the live and backup node as below in jbossts-properties.xml. Is that OK?


      <property name="com.arjuna.ats.jta.recovery.XAResourceRecovery.HORNETQ2"

      <property name="com.arjuna.ats.jta.xaRecoveryNode" value="1"/>



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          Andy Taylor Master

          do you have any prepared transactions not commited (you can check in the jmx console) and were there any heuristics in the logs

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            srinivaas venkat Novice

            Andy, thanks for your time. Yes I do see the below details in jmx console of backup node (which is the current live node) and the delivering count is 2. Is there any issue with my xa recovery config that I had posted earlier? Also attaching the log from mdb node.


            *** Prepared Transaction Details ***

            creation_time1/12/12 12:49:09 PMxid_as_base_64LTUzZWRmNWVjOjg3YTo0ZjBlODhkZDpkNDEtLTUzZWRmNWVjOjg3YTo0ZjBlODhkZDpkMwUCAgA=
            Message List
            operation_type receivemessage_typeTextMessage
            propertiestimestamp=1326352731724, userID=ID:adb7b9ab-3ced-11e1-8278-002170a2b761, messageID=63, expiration=0, address=jms.queue.requestQ, priority=4, durable=true, type=3,

            creation_time1/12/12 12:49:09 PMxid_as_base_64LTUzZWRmNWVjOjg3YTo0ZjBlODhkZDpkMjEtLTUzZWRmNWVjOjg3YTo0ZjBlODhkZDpkMQUCAgA=
            Message List
            operation_type receivemessage_typeTextMessage
            propertiestimestamp=1326352731708, userID=ID:adb548aa-3ced-11e1-8278-002170a2b761, messageID=62, expiration=0, address=jms.queue.requestQ, priority=4, durable=true, type=3,