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    IE8 prototype compatibility

    Stefan Hirsch Newbie

      Hi all,

      we are facing some severe problems with the version of prototype contained in richfaces on IE8. One problem can be seen at


      To reproduce select of one of the column headers, then Columns and
      hide one of the columns. This still works but selecting a column header
      again leads to a javascript error in menu.js at line 13 (Object required).
      The first function in the call stack is createWrapper in prototype line 3990:

      handler.call(element, event)

      Inspecting the handler object one can see that the call function is missing. We have similar problems observed, basically prototype does not seem able to extend objects.
      RichFaces contains prototype as far as I know and according to prototypejs.org only version 1.6.1 is compatible with IE8. Are there any plans to include 1.6.1 in RichFaces?
      As a quick hack I replaced the version of prototype in richfaces with the 1.6.1 to test whether this will solve the problems, but after doing that I'm getting syntax errors in both FF and IE.

      Any hints or help would be appreciated.