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    envers deploy to existing production / initial revision generation.

    Vyacheslav Sakhno Newbie

      I need to deploy envers-audit functionality to already used database and main problem is creating initial revision for data already present in the db.

      I need that initial revision because user query for data existed at specified date, but if data was added before deployment of auditing functionality then it is not present in auditing tables by default.

      I could query for exact data if there is no entry in audit tables but some data could also be deleted after introduction of auditing, so some state could be lost even if it existed after start of use of audit functionality.


      So i need somehow write revision information for data which already exists. Here some more problems occur:


      1) i need to process not only entities which are implemented as rows in database, but also relations between them mapped using hibernate in a different ways: using join-table, using id filed mapping;

      I need to process such relations in order: row entities first - relations afterwards, because relation-implementation references row entity id;

      2) I need also to process self-relations of entities, so parent entities are inserted first, child entities second;


      I'm implementing that solution rigth now, but i'm using JDBC object representation and hardcoding model properties specified above instead of reflection based entity processing which should be done here.


      So i'm using code like that:



      * Returns entities in special order for creating revisions:

      * for OneToMany relationship owning side is created first.



      public List<Class<?>> getEntitiesListOrderedForRelationshipInitialCreationWithoutInheritedAbstractEntities() {

      List<Class<?>> classes = Arrays.asList(new Class<?>[] {

      PropertySafety.class, // before Property

      //Property.class, //before CapexContract






      CapexContract.class, // TODO problem CAPEX_ID

      CapexContractFileLink.class, // after CapexContract

      Contract.class, //after Property

      ContractFileLink.class, // after Contract

      PaymentsSheduleCondition.class, // after Contract





      Contact.class, // after Contractor, 2 reasons

      ContactInfo.class, // after Contractor

      ContractorFileLink.class, // after Contractor

      FnprShare.class, // after Contractor

      Management.class, // after Contractor, 2 reasons

      PaymentDetail.class, // after Contractor

      PropertyEstimation.class, // after Property

      PropertyFileLink.class, // after Property

      PropertyLifecycle.class, // after Property

      PropertyLifecyclePhase.class, // after PropertyLifecycle

      PropertyLifecyclePhaseFileLink.class, // after PropertyLifecyclePhase // commented out no auditable fields

      PropertyLink.class, // after Property, 2 reasons

      PropertyMixedDetails.class, // after Property

      PropertyOwner.class, // after Property, after Contractor

      PropertyPersonnel.class, // after Property

      PropertyPromoLink.class, // after Property

      PropertyRoom.class, // after Property

      PropertyRoomArea.class, // after PropertyRoom

      PropertyRoomFRC.class, // after PropertyRoom

      PropertyRsrOrder.class, // after Property, keep PROPERTY_ID

      PropertySumItem.class, // after Property

      PropertyUser.class, // after Property, after Contractor

      PropertyWorkhours.class // after Property


      Set<Class<?>> set = new HashSet<Class<?>>();




      return classes;



      In general i need to reproduce how existing data could be inserted in database and relations created there.


      I wonder if such functionality will be a part of Envers someday, because i think not only i deploy envers to already existing production database?