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    Share drools fact declaration between rules

    sandeep rao Newbie


      I am trying to get a sample of JBPM process design to work with constraints coded in drools. I am trying to evaluate my condition based on a process parameter.


      So, I inserted processInstance into the working memory by adding a script task before my Gateway.

      Here i added this code to onEntryAction: (This defines an instance of Stage that i want to access in my constraint)



      import org.drools.runtime.process.WorkflowProcessInstance
      global WorkflowProcessInstance processInstance;
      declare Stage
          status1 : String
          status2 : String
          status3 : String
              processInstance : WorkflowProcessInstance()
          Stage stage=new Stage();
          stage.setStatus1( processInstance.getVariable("status1") );
          stage.setStatus2( processInstance.getVariable("status2") );
          stage.setStatus3( processInstance.getVariable("status3") );
              insert (stage);



      In the condition Expression section of the outgoinglink of my gateway I added






      This results in an error


      Unable to resolve ObjectType 'Stage'


      How do I access this objectType?